1785-12-01 (1785-12-001.jpg)

Thursd: 1 Dec: 1785
I did not go to Court.

Friday. 2 Dec: 1785.
Walter Gowdie Surgeon}
agt } Asst on the case
Thos Roddy Exr of }
Thos Dugald Campbell}

Deft a British Subj residing in Bengal & subj: to the Jurisdon &c
1. Co. 5000 SR for work, labour, skill & attendance
2. Co – 5000 SR for other work, labor &c
3. Co – 5000 SR as well for medicaments, ointments, plasters
4. Co. for medicines qm valebaut, & for labour qm [meruit?] with an averment that they are worth 5000 S.R.

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