1786-12-01 (1786-12-001.jpg)


Frid: 1 Dec: 1786.

Sissooram Ghose}
v }
John Porter }
Deft a settled Inh: of Calc & a Brit Subj: residing in Bengal, & for one or both of these reasons, subject to the Jurisdon of this Court.
1. 10000. lent & advd
2. 10000. Had & recd by Deft to P’s use.
3. 10000. pd & expended by Plf for Deft.
Dams 20000 SR
an appearance but no Plea & for want of a Plea. The Cause is tried ex parte.

1. Wts for Plf.
Wm Moule
proves Exh: A: & B. qu v.

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