1792-12-01 (static/transcriptions/1792/12/002.jpg)


Mr. Shaw. There has been paid into Court by the Deft the Sum of SR 2200 beside which the plf demands 1773 SR:

1 Wts for Plf
Henry Swinhoe.
whose testimony amounts to full proof of Deft’s residence in Bengal & to presumptive evidence of his being a British subject.

2d Wts for Plf
Jagamohun Ghose
was a Sercar attendg on Deft on behalf of Plf, who was Deft’s Banyan till May 1791. I went with the accot A to Deft in May 1792 by desire of Plf. Deft sd there were some items [which] he wod not allow. He objd to those arts which are now included in a red line. Deft had agreed to pay interest & did not obj: to that art: