1781-03-31 (static/transcriptions/1781/03/056.jpg)


Sir Robert Chambers was absent, because he was at a meeting as President of the Commissioners for carrying into Execution the Third Ordinance, which is an Ordinance for improving the Roads in the Town &c.
The 1st Ordinance, is for the establishment of the Office of Super-Intendant of the Police.
The 2d Ordinance, is Repeal’d by the Third, but was nearly of the same Import as the Third.
The 3d Ordinance is for Levying a Tax on Houses and Land in this Town, to improve the Roads &c and to prohibit Straw Houses.
And no more Ordinances have as yet been pass’d.

36,000 R.
Withdraw, the Record, by leave.
Afterward alter’d: and went on with the Cause.