1786-02-01 (static/transcriptions/1786/02/001.jpg)


Thursd: 1 Febr: 1786.
After the motions and the trial of an undefined cause, before I came upon the Bench, viz

John Joys }
v } assumpsit
Stephen Bagshaw}
in which Jt was given for Plf with 572 SR Damages, – following cause came on to be tried before Chambers, Hyde & Jones Justices.

Francis Law }
v } Trover
Matthew Mendez}
The plaint in this cause [which] is an action of Tr: & conv: states Deft to be a Brit: Subj: resident in Bengal, & an inhab: of Calc:, and for one or both of those causes subj: to the Jurisdiction of &c, and then proceeds to state that Plf on 1 Dec: 1785, was possessed of an order or draft on the Treaty of the Unit: Co &c dated 29 July 1785 signed W. Barton Prest & directed to Charles Croftes subtreasurer by [which] Croftes was desired to