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1779. 4 Term. Friday Oct. 22d

The Fourth Term 1779.
In the 19th and 20th year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third.
Friday Oct. 22d 1779.
The first day of the Fourth Term 1779.
Mr. Justice Hyde.
There were only common Motions.
Mem. Sir E. Impey, Chief Justice, was absent by reason of illness. He has a swelling of the double Chin. It came after he had the Epidemic Fever which prevail’d here in September and this Month, and still does prevail here, but Dr. Campbell told me he did not think the swelling any part of the disorder usually following that Fever, but a Nervous disorder of the Nature of that Sir E. Impey had before he went to Chittagong, which then affected his arm and head.
Sir Robert Chambers was also absent by reason of illness. Yesterday the Fever began with him.
I (John Hyde) have had the Fever, and am not yet perfectly free, from the consequences, for I have, a slight degree of pain and weakness in my left foot, and a slight degree of
/ dizziness