1785-11-01 (static/transcriptions/1785/11/001.jpg)

1 Nov. 1785. Dam: to Replication.

In the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal
The Second Vacation in the 25th
Year of the reign of King George the 3d
and in the year of our Lord 1785 –
Fort William in}
Benga to wit }
Kissenchunder Gosaul by Thomas Hunter his Attorney Complains against Ramnarain Misser a person Subject to the Jurisdiction of this Honorable Court he being a Settled Inhabitant of the Town of Calcutta for that whereas the said Ramnarain Misser on the Sixth day of June in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty at Fort William in Bengal Aforesaid by his Certain Writing Obligatory Sealed with the seal of the said Rmnarain Misser and there shewn to this Honorable Court the Date whereof is the Day and year aforesaid acknowledged himself to be held and firmly Bound unto the said Kissenchunder Gosaul when he should be thereunto Required yet the said Ramnarain Misser altho often Requested to wit on the same day and year aforesaid and often afterwards at Fort William in Bengal aforesaid the said Sum of Arcot Rupees Four Thousand to the said Kissenchunder Gosaul hath not yet paid But to pay the same to the said Kissenchunder Gosaul he the said Ramnarain Misser hath hitherto wholly Refused and