1785-01-04 (static/transcriptions/1785/01/001.jpg)

Tuesd: 4 Jan. 1785

The King at the Prosecution }
of Gungaram Burrall &[others?]} for a
agt } [ILL]
Goor Mainwairing Kenderdine }

The Indictment contains two Counts, the first charges the Deft with obstructing the K’s Highway, being [ILL] &c, running from the N West [ILL] the North East Side of a great [ILL] called Goorenaur Tank, by building a house across it and driving [ILL] with a continando from the 1st Oct 1784 to the 4 Dec: 1784.
The 2d Count does not differ materially except that the Nuisance is charged as committed on a [common?] footway, leading [from] the [ILL] Bazar to the South East side of a large Tank called &c.
Mr. Church advocate