1778-10-22 (static/transcriptions/1778/10/001.jpg)

1778. 4 Term. Thursday October 22.

Fourth Term 1778.
The First day of the Fourth Term
Thursday October 22d 1778.
Sir Robert Chambers.
Mr. Justice Hyde.

Sir Elijah Impey, the Lord Chief Justice was absent, being on his Journey or rather Voyage from Chittagong, whither he went for his health. In his way, at Dacca he was taken ill, but sate out from thence hitherward Oct. 15th. He sate out from Chittagong Oct. 1st.
Fairfax Moresby of Chesterfeild in the County of Derby, who in 1776 was admitted an Attorney of the Court of King’s Bench, was now admitted an Attorney of this Court.
Charles Duncan, late of Edinbrugh, admitted an Attorney of this Court.
Sir Robert Chambers observed to the Court that neither three years Clerkship here, nor an admission as Attorney in England created absolute claim to be admitted an Attorney of this Court,