1780-11-02 (static/transcriptions/1780/11/001.jpg)

1780. 4 Term. Thursday Nov. 2.

Thursday Nov. 2d 1780.
Sir E. Impey - - - - - - - at 10o:-’
Mr. Justice Hyde - - - - at 10o:-’.

[Triple Line]
James Dixon
John Scott, John Fergusson and Francis Light.
This was a Bill in Equity, Praying an Injunction, against a suit at Law, and the perpetuating the Testimony of Witnesses without naming them or stating what they were to prove, and also Praying other general Releif, and that the Defendant might be compell’d to perform the Decree of the Court.
To this Bill there was a Demurrer for want of Equity.
Mr. Newman, Argued in support of the Demurrer: Mr. Fay who drew the Bill, Argued in support of the Bill.
The Bill was dismissed, with Costs, as to the Defendants
/ Fergusson