1779-01-07 (static/transcriptions/1779/01/008.jpg)

1779. 1 Term. Thursday Jan: 7.

Thursday January the 7th 1779.
The First Term 1779.
The First day of the Term.

Sir E. Impey, Chief Justice.
Sir Robert Chambers
Mr. Justice Hyde.
[Triple Line]

Several common Motions.
Afterward it was moved in a Cause where Litchfeild & Johnson, Administrators of Pritchard (or Executors) were Plaintiffs and Ramcunt Paul Defendant to make the Arbitration of Mr. Tiretta a Rule of Court, and Notice of the Motion of having been given, the Rule was granted.
The Court appointed Tuesdays and Fridays in every Term for Equity and Ecclesiastical Motions are to be first heard on those days, and afterward other Motions and other Causes if the time permits.