1778-12-01 (static/transcriptions/1778/12/001.jpg)

1778. 4 Sittings. Tuesday December. 1st.

Tuesday December 1st 1778.
Sir E. Impey
Sir Robert Chambers
Mr. Justice Hyde.

[Triple Line]
Nauderah Baigum
Bahader Beig; Kajee Sahdee, Muftee Barracktoolah, and Muftee Gullaum Muckdoon.

Sir Elijah Impey, was in Court before my brother Chambers or me, and before this Cause was call’d on, he nominated in Open Court the three Persons, One of which is to be appointed Sheriff by the Governor-General and Council, and he sent Mr. Johnson, who takes on himself to act as Clerk of the Crown, with a Message to the Governor-General and Council to acquaint them with the names of the Persons nominated: They were
Sir John D’Oyly; Baronet.
Francis Fowke Esquire
Isaac Baugh Esquire
Though these Gentlemen were named
/ in