1778-12-01 (static/transcriptions/1778/12/002.jpg)

1778. 4 Sittings. Tuesday Dec. 1st:

in Open Court by Impey, yet their names had been fixed on yesterday, by Lot drawn when only us three Judges were present, by peices of Paper with about thirty names on them; put by Chambers into Impey’s Hat, and those three names drawn out by me, to do which I shut my Eyes. We had formerly determined to exercise our power of Nomination in this way, by Lot, to avoid solicition and other inconveniences, but last December we had departed from this Rule in the Case of Mr. Richardson the Present Sheriff, being Solicited by him and his Friends so to do; And this year we were strongly solicited to depart from the Mode of Lot and by some Solicited to appoint Mr. Adams, and by others to appoint Mr. Watts One of the three names. We all acknowledged the General Expedience of the Mode of Lot, but my two brethren, would to oblige those who had ask’d them have departed from this practice in the present case, if I would have agreed so to do, but I strongly urged resorting again to the Mode of Lot, and they agreed so to do. The Charter directs the day of our
/ Nomination