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1777. Sittings. Monday Dec. 1.

Monday December the First
Impey & Hyde.
The cause of Kisnanund Sircar, against Nursing and others, which was for the Defendant’s having with a great Number of Peons (as it was alledged) seized the Plaintiff in his own house, and taken from him a great number of Bonds his property, and all his accounts and other papers, all which was attempted to be justified as done by Order of the Plaintiff’s Master Cuntoo Baboo the Governor’s Banyan, and this was the substance of the Notice of Justification given to the Plaintiff’s Attorney, this cause was to have been tried to day, but the Plaintiff’s Councel discover’d a Fault in the Plaint in not alledging, the bonds taken from the Plaintiff were his property, and therefore the Cause was now withdrawn from the Paper the Plaintiff’s Councel intending to move next Term to amend the Plaint [and?] This is one of the mischievous consequences of saying we are not a Court at all times. For if we can not at the Sittings amend the record, the smallest error must cause this cause to be
/ put