1781-02-02 (static/transcriptions/1781/02/001.jpg)

1781. 1 Term. Friday Feb. 2d.

Friday Feb 2d: 1781.
Sir E. Impey - - - - - - at 10o:30’.
Mr. Justice Hyde - - - at 10o:15’.

Shadanundo Mestre.
Shaun Mestree.
Mr. Brix, Moved on an affidavit of the Service on Mr. Hennis the Sheriff’s Clerk to bring in the body, for an Attachment against the Sheriff for not so doing.
Hyde. This is not sufficient. There must be personal Service on the Sheriff before you can have an Attachment, or at least on Mr. [Thomas] Boileau the Deputy Sheriff: and I think you must either produce the Return, or a Certificate that the Sheriff has return’d the Writ that he has taken the body.
Mr. Brix, Withdrew his Motion to repeat it another time.
I John Hyde, now doubt about both parts of what I said, for I beleive in the
/ particular