1779-03-01 (static/transcriptions/1779/03/001.jpg)

1779. 2 Term. Monday March 1.

Monday March 1st 1779.
The first day of the Second Term 1779.
Sir E. Impey
Sir Robert Chambers
Mr. Justice Hyde.
[Triple Line]

Doe, on the Demise of Gocul Chunder Gosaul, and Kissen Chunder Gosaul
Henry Watson.
Mr. Newman, Moved to enlarge the Return of a Writ of Possession on a Judgment in Ejectment against Colonel Watson for part of his Docks.
Impey. This can not be done. We enlarge Returns of Writs of Capias, but that is done diverso intuitu, and we never have extended the Practice beyond the original occasion of it.
Hyde. It is your interest to be particularly careful in this Cause to be regular. [I meant because it is likely to be appeal’d] A Return of a Writ of Execution can not be enlarged in England. We never have done it. The way
/ is