1778-07-02 (static/transcriptions/1778/07/001.jpg)

1778. 3 Term. Wednesday July 2d.

Wednesday July 1st 1778.
Sir Robert Chambers
Mr. Justice Hyde.

There very few motions, and we began trying causes at 10o45’
Timothy Pereira
Jaffer Serang.
To recover back money advanced [ILL]
bricks which were not deliver’d [ILL]
Judgment for the Plaintiff: Dammages [ILL]

[Triple Line]
Debychurn Metre
Diaram Muckerjee.
Debt on Bond: One of the Subscribing Witnesses Mr. Stackhouse Tolfrey swore that he saw the defendant sign seal and deliver the Bond: but not understanding Moors nor Bengally he could not swear that the English Bond was explain’d to the defendant, and therefore the cause was adjourn’d untill to morrow.