1779-12-01 (static/transcriptions/1779/12/002.jpg)

1779. 4 Sittings. Wednesday Dec. 1.

Wednesday December 1st 1779.
Sir E. Impey
Mr. Justice Chambers, at 10o25’
Mr. Justice Hyde at 9o45’

Sree Motey Tree Jonookey Dossey
Durgaram Dossey

[Triple Line]
An Action was brought on a Bengal Note given in Calcutta for Money Lent and the Interest reserved, was open’d by the Advocate for the Plaintiff, to exceed Twelve per Ct per Annum, on which, the Court Sir E. Impey and Mr. Justice Hyde directed the Plaintiff to be Non Suited, the Contract as well as the Security being void as well for the Principal as Interest, by the Statute 13 G. 3d ch. 63. §30 which is in Page 23 of the Edition printed for the Company with a Persian Translation.
Bancharam Roy & Premnarain Roy
John Summer.
An Action on the Case. The Count relied on is the Count for Money received by the Defendant to the use of the Plaintiff.
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