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1779. 4 Sittings. Thursday Dec. 2.

Thursday December 2d 1779.
Sir E. Impey
Mr. Justice Hyde.

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John Doe, on the Demise of Datteram Taruffdar
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Watson.

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An Action of Ejectment for Eleven Begahs of Land, at Alifna-gur, in the Purgunnah of Magurah in the Province of Bengal.
The Purchase of this Land from the Zemindar and digging a Tank in it, in the Bengal year 1154 was proved. That is 32 years past, the present Bengal Civil year being on Sunday April 11th 1779. The Bengal year is by intercalations, when necessary kept pretty exactly to the true Solar year. It is said the [Ora?] from whence the Civil Bengal year is calculated, is the Mahommedan Epoch of the Hegire or flight of Mahommed, although the Bengal year does not now agree with the
/ Hegira