1786-04-01 (static/transcriptions/1786/04/001.jpg)

to produce all writings relating to the lands held be Plf togr with transl—s of such as are in the native language.

Sat. 1 April 1786.
The trial is continued of the cause.
Birjoo Roy }
agt } Trespass
Ramcaunt Munshy}

No. 5. 4th Wts for Plf
Premnarain Meter.
Wts was a Mohorir in service of Plf at Murteza Gunge from Maug 1185 to 25 Agrau 1186. “I was the head writer & kept the accts. There was a Daroga, Gopaul Roy who colld the profits of the gunge. The Colltns amd in 1185 to Rs 3400 In 1186 [from] the begins of yr to 25 Agrahun to 1419, or 1420 Rs. I pd rent in 1185 to the amt of 1201 Rs in 1186 B.S. 460 Rs. Plf pd revenue to the 15 Cartick when he took gunge from me, & entrusted it to Joy Singh, who was the Compy’s Cash keeper. He held it from 16 Cartic to 25 Agrahun. On 26 Agr: Deft’s people took it from him by force.
X exd
I have an acct currt of wt I recd & pd, but all the other papers were taken away. The papers were in the Cutcherry, when, on 26 Agr:, Deft people called Chunder Roy who was not the Compy’s Daroga but Daroga to Deft, Ramchunder Bannajee the Deputy Daroga & [Kilicunt?] Sercar who was