1778-12-01 (static/transcriptions/1778/12/004.jpg)

1778. 4 Sittings. [Tuesday] Dec. 1st

Nomination of those Persons for Sheriff, to be on the First Tuesday in December, and the day of the Sheriff’s taking possession of the Office is directed to be on December 20th.
In the Cause of Nauderah Baigum, versus Bauhauder Beg and three others, began yesterday, nothing more being then done than deciding that Bauhauder Beg was an object of the Jurisdiction of the Court, the First Witness to prove the Trespass, was examined at the Sitting of the Court as soon as this Cause was call’d on to day. His examination lasted in Cheif till 35 minutes after One, and the Cross-Examination till 57’ after two; and the Examination in reply lasted to 13’ after Three.