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pay to Plf or order 500 CR, bearing int: at 8 per cent [from] 18 July 1785, being in part of the order of Treasury dated 25 July 1785 in favour of the board of Trade for CR 25,00,000; – of the value of 6000 CR, as of his own proper goods & chattels; and then set forth in the usual way, the loss, trover & conversion of the said order. Dam: 8000 CR.
Plea Not guilty & issue joined.

Mr. Davies for Plf stated He having 2 contracts to supply 1 Company with goods issued in his favour for 14 sixteenths thereof, viz for 618,875 CR which were delivered to Mr. Killican to be kept till tuncas could be obtained. That Tuncas were obtained & sent to Plf to the amount of abt 2 Lacks; & that other Tuncas were ready to be deld to Mr. Killican, but that instead of applying them, he had without any authority disposed of them otherwise, & at his Death Deft had one.

Read Admission of Mr. Dunkin Adv that Deft is an inh: of Calc: & subj: to the Jurisdiction.

Read A. Letter from Mr. George Wroughton to M. Mendes
26 Dec: 1785.
B Answer of M. Mendes to that Letter 27 Dec: 85,
C. another letter of G. W. to M. Mendes 27 Dec: 85.
D: M. Mendes’s Answer.