1781-10-22 (static/transcriptions/1781/10/004.jpg)

This m[torn] to issue a Decree of the late Mayor [rip] with Costs.

Mem: The order ought to be copied into Mr. Justice Hyde’s note Book Volume 4th
It belongs to the Fourth day of the 4th Term 1781 Monday October 22nd. 1781, and the Motion of Mr. Davies to record? This Order of His Majesty in Councel, and the Order made by the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal in the Motion of Mr. Davies, might also to be added. It is intended to Move for a Rule on behalf of the Representative of the Mov who by this order is to receive the Mondy for a Rule as the Represnetative of broken who by this order is to pay the Money, to pay the Money, unless he can show Cause to the Contrary.