1778-02-03 (static/transcriptions/1778/02/004.jpg)

1778. 1 Term. Tuesday Feb 3d.

Tuesday February 3d 1778.
The Last day of the Term.

Several common motions, and among the Rest three in the Causes wherein Mr. Peat is Defendant, for leave to plead the General Issue and give in Evidence the special Matter, which special matter was stated in a paper produced to the Court by Mr. Morse who moved in these three Causes, and it was settled and agreed by Impey and me, as had been settled in other causes, that the whole of the Notices of Justifications (except such words as “Sir, Take Notice”) should be inserted in the rule giving leave to give in Evidence that special matter, on the General Issue. Impey gave as additional reason why these notices should always be inserted at length