1792-01-04 (static/transcriptions/1792/01/002.jpg)

1791. Sessions. Rex v Bindabun. [Tuesday] Jan: 4

Witness _ Kissen Chern X.
Delivered on the 3d or 4th of Jaishthi.

Cross examined by the Prosecutor.
I never said to any one, that, in my old age, I had lost my conscience & injured my future happiness.

By the Jury.
Ramheri never gave, as far as I know, any other paper than that produced now (marked A). When I was asked about a [2 ebarbundi?] I did not know, but that it might have been given in this court.

By the Court.
Before the trial Bindabon gave me a subpoena, telling me to appear in court & declare all I knew, but since that time he has not said a word to me on the subject of the trial. I heard the prosecutor’s evidence, & have lived at the in the house of Bindabon