1792-01-04 (static/transcriptions/1792/01/004.jpg)

1791. Sessions. Rex v Bindabun. [Tuesday] Jan: 4th

Witness _ John Mackenzie.
always heard the defendant’s character held on high estimation, since I have known him, both among the natives & the English gentlemen.

Ramsoonar Tacoor Sworn.
I am sercar to Mr. Stuart the counsellor under Bindabon his banyan. I see my name and handwriting set to the paper A, to which I was a witness. I was present when Indranarayan wrote it by the desire of Ramheri & Ramcrishno. Lakhyan sercar also was present I do not recollect the names of 3 or 4 others, who were there. It was at the defendant’s house. I was there, before the prosecutor & his brother came.
From the time of their coming I was there all thee time till they had given this paper. I saw all that passed. I saw no violence offered.