1782-12-07 (static/transcriptions/1782/12/004.jpg)

Rex v Ramcaunt Paul.
Administrators of Mr. Geo. Hodgson deceased, the note being in the Indictment alledged to be published with Intent to defraud Mr. Lind.
J. H. written [[Thursday Dec. 7th 1782, while the Grand Jury were considering of the Bill. Ramcaunt Paul is not now in Costody, he having, as it is said, fled to Serampore, after the Constable had been at his house ho in Calcutta to take him on my Warrant many months past, and having again run away or hid himself as the Constable reported to me, when I issued a Warrant against Ramcaunt again or his coming to Calcutta about a Month past, and applying to Mr. Hamilton in