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1778. Sittings. Friday April 3d.

Friday April 3d 1778.
Hyde, at 9o55’.

Bobund Narain Chowdry
Kistchunder [Bajee?].
Action on the Case. The Count relied on is that for Money received by the Defendant for the use of the Plaintiff.
Chambers, came at 10o15’ Before any considerable progress was made in the Cause.
The Defendant attempted to account for part of the money which it was proved he had received, as retain’d by himself for his Wages as Vakeel or Agent in giving the rest in bribes to the Monshee and other Servants of the lat George Vansittart now gone to England, late one of the Council here, to obtain favour in some Zemindarry business. It not being proved that the Plaintiff had agreed he should pay himself his Wages out of the Money which was trusted with him, I objected that it only amounted if true to a counter demand, of which the Defendant could not avail himself, as he had not pleaded a set-off, or given notice of a set off, according to the Statutes
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