1785-12-01 (static/transcriptions/1785/12/002.jpg)

Dams 10000 S. R.
1. Plea Non asst Testator –
issue joined thereon
2. Plea – Plene administravit. –

Replic– to the 2d Plea that Deft had assets.

Issue joined.
The demand which had been made of
Deft was for medicines SR 227: 8
and for attendance from 3d May }
to the 24 Augt 1784 – } 800
SR. 1027:8

The demand bill for medicines was proved to be reasonable by the testimony of several physicians & particularly of Mr. Ellis who said that in general they [ILL] not charged higher than they would be at the Companys medicine shop nay many of them lower. It was also proved that in surgeon who himself