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5 Wts for Plf
Monohur Curr-
Wts a Sercar of Plf-
This book (Exh: A-) is Plf’s Bengally book containing entries of all the bills of parcels that are sent out; chiefly for for goods sold & delivered.
Wts Reads an Entry in Exh: A.
“20 Sept: 1786. Mr. Pott on a bill for SR 6865. Wts adds his entry was written by me by order of Neelmony”

[Single Line]
6. Wts for Plf.
Wm. Chas. Barber.
Proves that Deft resided in Bengal at the time of this Plaint filed, - that Deft has acknowld that he owed Plf above 6000 Rs. (he did not my Sicca or Currt.)
Rx Exh 13. Wts wrote Exh: B. by Deft’s direction. It is dated 29 Sept: and amots to an acknowl [ILL] that the amot of the bill delivered was due [ILL]