1779-02-03 (static/transcriptions/1779/02/004.jpg)

1779. 1 Term. Wednesday Feb. 3d

Wednesday February 3d 1779.
The last day of the First Term 1779.
Sir E. Impey
Sir Robert Chambers
Mr. Justice Hyde.

This day judgment for the Plaintiff was given; and the Dammages Three Hundred Thousand Sicca Rupees, part of which was for the personal injuries in imprisoning the Plaintiff, and in driving her out of her House, for Goods were proved to have been taken away to about the amount of Two Hundred and Forty Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty Nine Sicca Rupees; in the Cause, commonly call’d by us, The Patna Cause, but properly call’d
Nauderah Baigum
Bahauder Beg