1779-10-30 (static/transcriptions/1779/10/009.jpg)

1779. 4 Term. Saturday Oct. 30.

Saturday Oct. 30th 1779.
Mr. Justice Chambers
Mr. Justice Hyde.

[Triple Line]
Several usual Motions.
An Ejectment.
John Doe, on the Demise of Kissonomoney, Conkey.
Nulleta Raur.
This Ejectment is brought to recover an House and four Cottahs of Ground in Bazar Calcutta.
A Pottah and Bill of Sale Fourteen years Old, to Kissonomoney Conkey, was proved and possession held under it: A Pottah renew’d to her in the year 1776 was also proved. Her possession was also proved until a few Months before this Action was brought, when she was forcibly turn’d out by Nulleta Raur.
In answer