1788-04-08 (static/transcriptions/1788/04/024.jpg)

Wts for Plf
Philip Wesp

Exh: A. Jt in Kennat v. Creighton & Jarvis, for 48,000.

Each Writ if Fe: Fa: on that Jt Testa 12 July 1787. Recd: 14 Sept. 1787, at 10 o’clock A M. so marked by Wesp. Endorsemt: Levy SR 13581 & 10 Anas, besides Sheriff’s fees & poundage
Signed H. Tolfrey.
Endorsemt Sheriff’s return of Nulla Bona

Exh: C. Warrt from Sheriff to his Bailiff to levy 48801 SR d: 1 Oct 1787:
at the bottom Levy [ill]