1781-12-18 (static/transcriptions/1781/12/084.jpg)

1781. 4 Sittings. [Friday] Dec. 18

23rd March 1770
A Letter from Magee to May.
He says the 60,000 Rupees due on One Bond, is the Property of James Moore, deceased, whose Estate is under Litigation in England.

The Defendant desired the undue influence as to the Election of Register, and say the agreement was Voluntary signed the Evening after the Election, and not the morning before the Election.
26,549 Balance, is Sept. 1772 claimed by Killican from Magee.

Memo: The answer of Killican and of Cranford was sworn about July 1773 in the Mayor’s Court.

10th July 1769 A Copy of Articles of Partnership between Magee and Cantofer.

22 Aug. 1771 A Letter from Knax and Mercer, Magee’s Attorney in London to Killican, acknowledging the
/ Receipt