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he thinks ordered him to the Hospital & that a sentry might be placed on him – after the Sentry was put on him he appeared insane for two or three days – sometimes laughing some times walking in a [ILL] manner. [ILL] keeping up [ILL] together and putting up [ILL] & sticks.
Knows very little of him since
Liquor might be got in to the place of Confinemt but the [ILL] it woud be punished.

Wts for Prisr
John Forbes, a Drummer in the same Battalion.
In the year 1790 he was a patient in the same Hospital with the Prisoner. Saw him [ILL] many marks of insanity sometimes laughing [ILL] of dirt throwing about Bricks.
Saw him a few days before this Action running abt the Bazar with a Napsack on his back.

Cross examd
For the three days he [ILL] in the Hospital [ILL] the same marks of insanity.
Does not know wher he had got any liqr