1778-03-31 (static/transcriptions/1778/03/055.jpg)

1778. Sittings. [Tuesday] March 31st.

this 31st Day of March One thousand Seven hundred seventy four, and caused the Honourable Companys Common Seal to be affixt.
(Signed) Warren Hastings
William Aldersey.
P. M. Dacres.
James Lawrell.
H. Goodwin.
J. Graham.
Nicholas Grueber.
This is to certify that on the day and Date above mentioned I did by authority from the Hon’ble the President and Council of Fort William put up the said Cutwally and appurtenances to Publick Sale and that they were purchased by Gocul Meter for the sum above Specified, Viz Current Rupees Five thousand five hundred and thirty five.
(Signed) Robert Dobinson