1778-08-10 (static/transcriptions/1778/08/004.jpg)

1778. Sittings. [Monday] August 10.

John Hearn & John Taylor
Harry Stark.
An Action of Trover & Conversion Mr. Brix, Open’d the Case of the Plaintiff Mr. Stark being then Under-Sheriff took the Goods in Question in Execution as the property of Mr. Smith.

Mr. Thomas Hamilton, Chirurgeon and also Shop-Keeper.
The Execution was against the Goods of Mr. Thomas Smith, I was Partner with Mr. Smith. I heard there was an Execution in Smith House, I went to see what was seized, and I told Mr. Stark, that all those Goods which had Labels on them were the property of Hearn and Taylor. Mr. Taylor had told me he would send some Goods to be sold by Mr. Smith, and Mr. Smith told me he had received such things and there were Labels on them, on which I beleive the price was written.
The Plaintiffs were non suited.