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1777. Sittings. [Wednesday] Nov. 19th

was in the House as such, as a kind of Servant or Friend of Radachurn who was in Prison in the Prison of this Court in Calcutta, and by turning out the Plaintiff he meant to dispossess Radachurn. Though this was urged as extenuation, Impey said, and I assent to it, as a General Proposition admitting of few exceptions, that force used to obtain a right is an aggravation, not an extenuation, being the Party’s taking justice into his own hands.

It was proved that a Goshain was a Bramin of a high order, esteem’d of Great Sanctity, and in their Notions Sons of Gunga, that is the River we call the Ganges: and that the Defendant was a Rich Man.

The Plaintiff was seized in the House, and dragg’d some considerable distance, as it was [said?] [ILL] intention to carry him to Mr. [Foxeropos?] who was Attorney for the Defendant.

Dammages – One Thousand
Sicca Rupees.