1779-01-29 (static/transcriptions/1779/01/046.jpg)

A General brought from the [exterior?] of the Country for a Cooley with a Ratan.
page 4, Just & Cons.
Page 12. And after such ap.
As Justice requires
Justice requires trial by Jury.
Imp. You do not read the whole of the Clause.
Page 10. The Causes &c
Against Laws not in being,
only Jon. Wild.

Accusers Judges & Jury.
The Witness all black Natives.
Attorneys assist in getting the Rule of this Country to the Natives.

and act more conformable to Law & Just.
page 29 Adts Juris:
534, all offences, tried by Jury.
The whole World astonished, if you refuse me a Jury.
Wanton suits affect lives. Petty thieves by nature.