1787-02-08 (static/transcriptions/1787/02/003.jpg)

[Tuesday] Nov 21st Continued reading the Evidence
[Wednesday] Nov 22d
[Friday] Nov 24th
[Saturday] Nov 25th
[Monday] Nov 27th Finished reading the Evidence
[Wednesday] Dec 6th Mr. Dunkin was heard on the Evidence in Reply.
[Thursday] Dec 7th Mr. Davies, heard for the Plaintiff.
[Friday] Dec 8th Do
[Saturday] Dec 9th Do
[Monday] Dec 11th Mr. Davies Closed.
[Wednesday] Dec 13th Mr. Dunkin was heard to answer Cases in Law cited.

Note. After the Judgment was pronounced in Court and before the signing the Judgment in the Prothonotary’s Office, Mr. Dunkin Moved on Monday March 12th 1787, for a New Trial in this Cause, and a Rule for shewing Cause was granted, and, in hearing the Argument on both sides a New trial was refused.