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1779. 4 Sittings. Tuesday Nov. 30.

Tuesday Nov. 30th 1779.
Mr. Justice Chambers}
and } at 10o30’
Mr. Justice Hyde }

[Triple Line]
Doe, on the Demise of Mahommed Alli
Khodah Bux.
This Ejectment, which had been on Trial yesterday, and on several other days by adjournments was now continued.
The Cause was now heard through and Judgment was given for the Defendant.
The Case attempted to have been proved by the Plaintiff was, as to One Quarter of a Cottah, possession for above twenty three years by his Father and himself, under a purchase from a Man who was in possession of it as Charity Land, that is Land belonging to a Doorgah. For this Quarter of a Cottah, on which a Pidgeon House once stood, it appear’d in Evidence that the Lessor of the Plaintiff or his Father once had a Pottah, but that it was burnt, and this the Court thought sufficient title to that Quarter of a Cottah, without obliging
/ the