1777-11-20 (static/transcriptions/1777/11/007.jpg)

1777. Sittings. [Thursday] Nov. 20.

another defect was in it, not alledging that Mr. Mackenzie tough he had authority collect had authority to seize.

The action was Trespass for taking a great Quantity of Rice.

Judgment for the Plaintiff, to the Value of the Rice.
Dammages – 76,575 Rupees.

The Rice was Valued at the lowest price at thirty Seer per Rupee.

I think in Trespass the rule is to give the utmost value, not as in goods sold the least. But here it was well enough to give the lowest value because the right to the duty, or the obligation to obtain a permit before the Rice was landed, was not at all proved or disproved.

Mackenzie had written a very insolent, pompous magnificent Letter to Whittall the Attorney, talking about his Litigious Client, disputing the “orders of Government”

It is the Stile in which the Company’s Servants always talk and write, they being very fond of thinking themselves Officers of what they call Government, by which they mean not a Company but the Governor General and Council
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