1788-08-30 (static/transcriptions/1788/08/240.jpg)

12 Wts for Plf
Charles Seraon
Proves Service of Exh G on Phil West Exh G a notice signed by Plf’s att d: 7 Aug 1787, that ground seized under the 2d Fi fa is the prop of Plf.

13 Wts for Plf
Cassinaut’s Bukshy
Speaks of the measuremt in Jan last 155 Bs & some Cattahs – part in poss of Plf & part had bn demanded by Bulram Chund, & afterwards I saw them take away the paddy from that ground.

Mr. William Dunkin for the Deft states the sale of 150 Bigahs and no more by the Sheriff to Plf; that the