1788-09-01 (static/transcriptions/1788/09/002.jpg)

3d Wts Archibald Seton Esq
Exh H has my initials & is the return made to my order for admeasurement.

4th Wts Ramlochun Rai
Measured in Joisty grod pointed out by Neeloo Newgy
199 B 16 Catts Debutter
and 15 13 Serviutter
215 9

5th Wts Gopaul Ghose – Izardar of Surah – quantity ut supre
Part was pointed out by me & partly by Raiot

6 Wts Neelumber Newgy
Has lived 28 yrs at Soorah, but came to know the whole ground of Benode Behorry by the last measurmt which Plf wod not attend bec he had brot an action. By that measuremt enough for the 3 purchs [ill] +13.
[single line]

Narrain Sercar. There was no European with us, at the time when I attended in Joisty the measuremt of ground formerly BenodeBeharry Seat’s at Soorah 215 Bs 9 Cattahs – gave passion of 40 Bs to Juggomohun & 13 to Berjeram & offerd the remdr to Plf