1778-06-11 (static/transcriptions/1778/06/002.jpg)

1778. Sessions. Thursday June 11th.

Thursday June 11th 1778.

Sir Robert Chambers
Mr. Justice Hyde.

I was at the Court House at 8o30’ and Chambers came soon afterward.
The Court sate about 9o15’
Chambers went home about Ten.

Larceny in stealing a Gold Watch the property of John Hannay.
Mr. Hannay swore that he left a Gold Watch on a Table in a Room near the Room where he and other Gentlemen were at Supper: that after supper One of his Servants said Khyroo had stolen a Napkin, and brought Khyroo to him; that a Gentleman observed there was some thing else hid in his Cloth, and Mr. Hannay’s Watch was found in Khyroo’s Cloth round his middle, call’d a Cummerband.
The Prisoner said nothing in his Defence.
Mr. Hannay desired favour might be shewn to Khyroo.