1787-10-26 (static/transcriptions/1787/10/002.jpg)

Thurs: 26th Oct: 1787.
In Equity.
Robert Holford Admor of W. Magee Decd Complainant
Dustagul Petrus and Aratoon Petrus. Admix & Admor of Khojak Petrus deced. Defts.
Mr. Atkinson moves that this cause be released on the ground of
1. A Petn of Defts stating the purport of the Decree.
2. The opinion of the senior Counsellor in the Cause, that this cause is fit to be released, certified by his signature.
The above mentioned petition was filed within the 14 days required by the 49 Rx of Equity practice (in this Court) & further Time granted, by Mr. Justice Hyde