1792-01-04 (static/transcriptions/1792/01/001.jpg)

1791. Sessions. Rex v Bindabun. Tuesday Jan: 4

Witness _ Kissen Chern.
Indra Narayan wrote the body of the paper A, while the prosecutor & his brother Ramcrishna dictated. They dictated & signed it voluntarily; no force was used; I saw neither hammer nor nails. I was present afterwards, when Ramheri gave some pieces of silver to Brindabon, who bade me receive & take case of them. I now produce them. There were present then Sakiyan, Indra Narayan, Nandi dulal Ganguli, Ram soondar & peelic Tacoor Ramcrishna, on delivering these pieces of silver to Bindabon, said “These remain from what I bought of the thieves: the rest I have [mested?] & sold. This was about 8 or 10 days after the paper A was written: the silver was